The Story Behind the Party

The Hallow(themed) Party has become an annual tradition in downtown Bixby. Each year, the last of October is marked out for this spectacular event. There are a few main reasons why it has become a part of Bixby tradition.

1. To connect the community of Bixby.
This event is an opportunity for businesses and organizations in Bixby to work together to create something memorable and impactful. It is a great opportunity for collaboration and to cultivate a community spirit.

2. To love on our community.
Working together, we can create a free event with nothing but safe and enjoyable fun. Creating an event like this allows for families to make memories with their friends and family, while providing something they can trust in and feel confident is safe for their kids.

3. To share a positive + uplifting message.
Each year a highlight and focus of the event is the themed live production. The aim is to communicate through a drama a positive message for students that will inspire.

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