Costume Contest

One of the fastest growing attractions of the Hallow(themed) Party is the competitive costume contest. With amazing prices provided by local businesses for first place in each category, it pays to get dressed up! The categories are as follows:

0-3 years old
 4-7 years old
8-12 years old
Teen (13-18)
Best ensemble
Dad costume
Mom costume
(must be submitted by Oct. 25th)

- You can pre-register now or upon arrival. To register complete this form.

- The pet category must be completed by Wednesday, October 25th, and registration will be closed following this deadline. The top 3 pets will be chosen by our sponsoring vet, grooming business, and boarding business. The pet owners will be contacted by Saturday, October 27th to notify them. The top 3 pets will be asked to appear on the main stage if possible. Register your pet on this form.

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